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Crosses and Saints with Coordinating Stones on Tarnished Chain Bracelets
IB-1 Guardian Angel with Gray Cushion Cut Crystals
IB-2 Saint Joseph with Ruby/Amber Marbled Czech Rondelles
IB-3 Lady of Guadalupe with Platinum Firepolished Crystals
IB-4 Saint Anthony with Blue Turquoise 
IB-5 Saint Christopher with Silver Crystal Rondelles
IB-6 Purple Jeweled Cross with Aqua Czech Rondelles
IB-7 Inline Crosses with Clear Cushion Cut Crystal
IB-8 Immaculate Conception with Champagne Cushion Cut Crystal
IB-9 Saint Christopher with Amethyst Crown Picassos  
IB-10 Infant of Prague with Aqua Czech Rondelles
IB-11 Saint Teresa with Gray Cushion Cut Crystals
IB-12 Lavender Jeweled Cross with Platinum Fire Polished Crystals

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